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Seductive Priest Reyra


Laztraziza Reyra, 24 become a priest who has above average abilities especially in healing magic, Reyra is always respected by people although her personality is a bit seductive towards the opposite sex., but she still be liked because she always helps them. Raised by Reiyth a librarian in the capital, as a child reira love to read books about magic, and gradually Reyra was taught magic by Reiyth since she has a natural talent on it. Found a baby in front of the library door at midnight, Reiyth realizing that she is not fully human but also half succubus. but he still decide to adopt her.Before died, Reiyth give Reyra a book named Ghardh Grumma that has soul and unlimited knowledge about the world who became her loyal companion and always flying by side of her. yet, Reyra still do not know that she half succubus.sometime and she a bit curious about her origins. she asking to ghardh but he act like he wont to tell her about it and seems he keep some secret to Reyra.

Judges' Comments:
With steady skill, the artwork comes to be an exellent artwork in high level almighty. In this orthodox artworks, the rose dress shines a trace of playfulness.

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