• FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions which have previously surfaced. Please refer to the Official Rules if you have any questions left unanswered.

A. Yes, although only one piece of artwork will be selected for the winning entry.
A. No, submit only your final render of the Hero Design. Do keep a copy as they may be requested by the judges at a later date.
A. While it is not imperative to completely match the game's art style, it will be much easier for our judges to visualize your character within the game.
A. No, a background is not necessary and no additional points will be awarded. We recommend that your artwork be placed on a white background. You may paint one at your own discretion, but a conflicting background might detract from the overall artwork and do more harm than good.
A. The majority of the score (80%) will be awarded by judges, while Facebook “Likes” will account for the remainder (20%). Facebook "Likes" are useful as they allow us an alternative reading of the result should the score from the judges come very close.
A. You may include any special effects as long as it does not obstruct the showcasing of your hero design.
A. It is recommended to do so because the winning entries could be 3D modeled.
A. Animal features can be incorporated into the facial design, however your hero should be human in both form and proportion, without tails or additional limbs.