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Jade, the Wandering Minstrel

Bruce ladtan

High up in the mountains of Arathos, A prosperous village resides. The townsfolk were a happy lot, You wouldn't hear a cry. Alas, one day , of plague and pests, Swarmed at the peaceful gates. Shrieks of terror, no more glee, Unknown horrors, nowhere to flee. Until a tingling bell was heard, A chilling voice beware, Drove all the demons and monsters away, with a single pluck and play. The maiden, then reached out her hand, To receive her just reward. The townsfolk only laughed and mocked, "Who in the world is this blind bard?" She walks away, a lonely tune in play. The villagers realize their fatal mistake, They cry for help, for their children's sake. But the wandering minstrel fades into the night As darkness... slowly... engulfs the light.

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