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Dark Mage vampire


Name : Rosarie Bloodfallen D.O.B : 06 September (118 Years Old) Hobbies : Assasination, Reading, Drinking Blood, Relax in the Garden. Backstory : Rosarie, Born into a noble vampire family in a demon world. She was betrayed and sealed by her own kin. Despite beeing calm, she is pretty selfish. Hated beeing ordered but like to enslave the other. Her angry only bring death and calamity. After hundred of years, she was released and ready to take revenge. No one can stop her now. Special attack : cool down 3 turn. -Blood Manipulation : -Place a curse on target enemy and control them for one turn. After 2 turn, curse will explode equal to 150% hero magic in 3 tiles from front to rear (3 enemies). - Heal Party HP after explodes. - Vampiric Aura : - Trigger allies in aura to heal and silence enemy - refresh turn

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